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Paying it Forward:

Head Start Kids

Head Start Alumna
Tracy Glover Helps Families Nurture Their Children

Family Educator Tracy Glover remembers her Head Start graduation as if it were yesterday. She wore a cap and gown, posed for a picture that became a treasured keepsake, and celebrated the event with a family trip to Dairy Queen.

That celebration was thirty-three years ago, but Tracy can recall it and the early learning experience that preceded it with complete clarity. She remembers her excitement when she boarded the bus that took her to and from the Head Start program, which was housed in a Wyandotte County church. And she recollects the warm welcome she received once she arrived from her teachers, who clearly loved children. They created a nurturing environment for Tracy and her mother, who was a teenaged parent when Tracy was born.

Her own positive experience with the Head Start program she attended continues to color her life, as Tracy serves a new generation of children and their families. A stint at Gateway working in a cubicle behind a desk convinced her that her career goals lay elsewhere, so she quit her job and landed one at the Boys & Girls Club. Since then, she has found her niche working with children. Joining the Head Start of Shawnee Mission staff in 2002, Tracy worked as a classroom teacher for three years, and has served as a Family Educator since 2005.

“Our first love is children and their families,” Tracy says, describing her work at Head Start of Shawnee Mission. She enjoys the opportunity to work with families over a period of years and help them succeed at setting and attaining goals. “I’ve learned to listen!” she says. She has watched the babies of three and a half years ago develop into the preschoolers of today. “It’s very satisfying,” she concludes.

Head Start of Shawnee Mission has grown dramatically since Tracy came to work at the agency. She is proud of the professionalism of the staff and of the support they offer. Her own career development has been nurtured, as she has pursued and earned a degree in early education while working. Her work with families has led to an interest in taking social service courses.
“I’m proud to work here,” Tracy says. “Head Start of Shawnee Mission feels like a home for me.”

If you are an Early Head Start graduate, please contact us to share your success stories! We would love to hear from you.